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In 1976 the mission of Trek was to create the best bikes the world had ever seen. The fact that it is now without a doubt one of the most popular bike manufacturers globally shows that their original objective continues to be pursued today.
Specialized focus on their athletes and teams because it is their feedback that pushes the company into pursuing perfection in their products. They use athlete input to continually improve performance and innovation.
Merida's founder Ike Tseng was a real visionary. He wanted to prove that the Taiwanese could produce top quality bikes, this is where the name Merida was born. 'Me-Ri-Da' translates as beautiful and high quality which is what this company has striven towards since it was founded in 1972.
Its American origin makes it famous all over the world in the production of bicycles and gear. With a focus on superior performance through unconventional design. Cannondale bikes are designed for maximum efficiency with a special attention to extreme light weight, and best events to offer the best cycling tours.
In 1995 two engineers decided to design and engineer better bikes. Their wanted to create not only something different but something a cut above the rest. Engineering driven. No bike company has a higher percentage of engineers on their staff, their success lies in constant innovation.
Focus believe that passion and performance leads to perfection. German engineering inspired by the pursuit of creating the best bikes enabling cyclists to reach the top of their game.
Orbea bikes are among of the fastest around with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing bikes. This Spanish company has a real dedication to technology and quality and most importantly- a true passion for cycling.
Pinarello is a luxury bike brand at the top of its game since it was founded on the outskirts of Venice just over 60 years ago. An old-school manufacturer that keeps moving with the times. The creation of the first asymmetrical bike, the evolutionary qualities and the arrival of the carbon are some of the reasons for the phenomenal growth of the Italian framebuilder.
More than 100 years of hard work based on countless tests, advanced materials and technological innovations. Wilier’s goal is to create bikes that stands for safety and reliability at the highest level. Triestina’s blends tradition and innovation with their pursuit of absolute excellence has made their halberd crest racing bicycles legendary.
In a market bursting with competing manufacturers, Colnago stands out as the cycling connoisseur's bike maker. Claiming to be one of the most successful bike manufacturers in the world with 49 World championship, 17 world cups, 15 Olympics ridden by some of the top riders in history. Although having come a long way since being founded in 1952 the company philosophy of innovation, design and beauty is still maintained today.
The Wall Street Journal describes it as one of the most prominent sports brands in the world due to its countless successes and attention to quality and service. High-end components for racing bikes are designed and produced by these natural innovators who strive for maximum performance and quality using prime quality materials sourced from the aerospace market.
Oakley is an innovation-driven designer, manufacturer and distributor of high- performance eyewear alongside footwear, watches, apparel and accessories. Oakley has a reputation for investing into thousands of athletes and teams from a wide variety of sports including cycling, skiing, triathlon, tennis, basketball and golf.
Founded in Turin in 1961, 3T is a leader in the bike components sector. Their concept is simple; they aim to produce products that are strong, safe, lightweight without compromising style.
A company that has grown from two men with a penchant for composite materials. A favourite among elite cyclists and triathletes who recognise the incredible quality and performance of their wheels.
Creator of the first clipless pedal, first carbon frame and first track single-piece carbon frame company as one of the most innovative in the industry. Winner of various awards including 'Bike of the year' in France, 'Star of Design' and IF Design awards. LOOK is a company whose policy is to research, develop and innovate and it does so with outstanding success.
CeramicSpeed was the first company to introduce ceramic bearings into the cycling market 15 years ago and is the established leader in this sector. High quality and documented performance is the essential base of a technology stemming from NASA’s space program.
On running is the brainchild of former Swiss athlete Oliver Bernhard and his friends. They had a basic concept of cushioned landing and firm take off. This concept was developed and resulted in their revolutionary design which is a favourite among elite runners and triathletes today.
Internationally recognised for making top quality wetsuits. Founded in 1992 in New Zealand on an aim to create a better faster wetsuit for former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth who wasn't satisfied by what the market had to offer. This relentless desire to achieve top performance is what has pushed Orca to the top of their game.
Vittoria Servizio Corse are the guardian angels of the peloton and the official neutral support to all riders. The team of mechanics swiftly respond to mechanicals and act in an instant to put any luckless riders back in the race. In addition to a first class service, the Vittoria Servizio corse provides neutral bikes at races like the Giro d'Italia, Milano San Remo, Dubai Tour and Langkawi Tour. Scicon helps the Vittoria Servizio Corse to transport neutral bikes to the top races near and far with the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA bike bag.


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